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Structured Packing

We have a long history of making high quality structured packing. Our high capacity structured packing can be used to replace Sulzer MellapakPlus structured packing and Koch-Glitsch HC structured packing. Our packing density or surface area varies from 100 to 1200 m^2/m^3. Our high efficiency structured packing has a 20% lower HETP than the normal structured packing. Each packing brick is inspected for its dimensions and uniformity. We can produce structured packing according to desired dimensions and designs for packing density, brick height, crimp angle, and crimp shape to meet customer needs.

Our nameProduct DescriptionProduct Photo
FSPHEquivalent to FLEXIPAC HC Structured Packing1.png
FSPEquivalent to FLEXIPAC Structured Packing2.png
MSPEquivalent to Mellapak Structured Packing3.png
MSPHEquivalent to MellapakPlus Structured Packing4.png